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Sunday Sharings

Elizabeth Place: "The community came together for Mass from Notre Dame, and Sr. Germaine brought cookies!" (S. Leti)

"At Micah, we watched Mass from Notre Dame" (S. Peggy Bonnot)

"Here at Sarah Community we had Mass on TV and they bring the Eucharist to our door! All of this plus a wee bit of snow and real winter weather! Does life get any better?" (S. Helen Ann Collier, St. Louis, MO)

S. Eilish Ryan: "I have spent the past week at online teaching workshops and then trying to set up my two courses. I just finished this lesson with audio PowerPoint, to be open via Zoom for students on Wednesday at 3:00. Please pray it all works."

Today, I (Eilish) joined the Mass at Conception Abbey

S. Lupita Ruiz attending Mass via web stream.

Marcia Community looking well.

Virtual choir singing "Down to the River"

Emmaus Community Sunday evening prayer, "Lockdown."

S. Marichui shared this photo of the chapel at Annunciation community


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