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Current construction at the Chapel of the Incarnate Word

We're not closed, we're just doing some major foundation work.

Over the past two years, we have been monitoring cracks that have appeared in both the interior and exterior of the Chapel. Immediately, when the cracks first became visible, we engaged a very well-known and reputable structural engineer. Consequently, we have also secured the services of a geo technical firm, and an architect. All are directing the work of contractor, Joeris Construction.

It was determined that the severe drought over the past few years, combined with the unstable ground upon which the Chapel was built, has caused major shifting, resulting in the very visible cracks. Anyone who has lived for any length of time in this area of San Antonio is familiar with how homes and buildings shift according to the weather. Cracks appear and disappear. Doors stick, and then they don't.

Once studies were complete, and a plan of action determined, construction began in December of 2023. All of the work is being done on the south side of the Chapel. Steel beams are being placed underneath the foundation of the Chapel, using a hydraulic system that I can't explain, but is very interesting to watch.

Once all the beams are installed and the Chapel is stable, we wait. We wait to see if what we're working for is accomplished. Then begins the work of raising the south side of the Chapel to its proper place.

Finally, when we know everything is as it should be, repair of the cracks will begin.

Throughout this process, the Chapel is not closed. Scheduled weddings will take place. Weekend and evening concerts will take place. Major celebrations of the Congregation will take place. Sunday Eucharist will take place. Only the noise of construction during working hours prevents us from using the Chapel.

The Congregation has established "The Legacy Fund" to help support this project, but to also establish a fund to secure the future of the other historic sites on our campus: The Convent Cemetery, the Chapel of the Incarnate Word, the Brackenridge Villa, and Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto.

If you would like to contribute to this effort, please visit our donation page:

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