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Feast of St. Augustine

Today is the Feast of St. Augustine

Augustine's writings are quoted many times; Augustine is one of the named Doctors of the Church. He is also quoted because his life is proof that one can encounter God in the midst of darkness and become someone new, completely transformed: in a lifetime, one can go from sinner to Doctor because of God's grace.

In many ways, this time of pandemic and unrest is a great darkness We people of the incarnation and the resurrection are sure that God is with us, most especially in times of darkness. If we can wait, in faith and in trust, the dawn will come and new life will be revealed to us through God's grace.

Offered here is a snippet of one of Augustine's writings:

"Hope has two beautiful daughters; their names are Anger and Courage. Anger at the way things are, and Courage to see that they do not remain as they are.”

Yes, we can be angry at the ways things are, but let us all have the courage to see that they don't have to remain as they are.

Things don't have to remain the same: for the love of everyone, wear a mask; and reach out to someone who might be suffering because, in our human eyes, they are different.

(Click HERE to listen to "O Beauty Every Ancient", Roc O'Coonor & The St. Louis Jesuits, based on the writings of St. Augustin.)

1. Oh, late have I loved you,

oh, late have I turned;

turned from seeking you in creatures,

fleeing grief and pain within.


O Beauty, ever ancient,

O Beauty, ever new:

you, the mirror of my life renewed,

let me find my life in you!

2. My unloveliness I ran from,

turned to seek you in all things,

things you fashioned as a pathway;

yet I lost myself in them.

3. This created world is glorious,

yet I could not see within,

see your loveliness behind all,

find the Giver in the gift.

4. I had wandered far, perceiving

that I walked my road alone.

Yet you called, you shone, you summoned,

and you drew my spirit home.

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