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Call to Mourning and Lament

LCWR is partnering with other faith leaders calling for all people to spend time during the weekend of May 29-31 to lament and mourn the 100,000 persons who will have died in the United States from COVID-19, and to pause at noon on June 1 to honor the deceased.

"We ask you to consider inviting your own members and associates to participate in this effort through the following:

  1. Mark the grim milestone on Sunday (Pentecost) in your own celebration of the Eucharist or common prayer and encourage others to do the same.

  2. Contact your elected officials, mayors, governors, and members of Congress and ask them to designate Monday, June 1 a National Day of Mourning and Lament-- remembering the dead with moments of silence, lowering of flags, interfaith vigils, and civic memorials.

  3. Use social media and other communication platforms to post prayers and laments, names, photos, and tributes to those who have died of the coronavirus during the days leading up to June 1. #DayofMourning, #Lament100k"

Read the complete letter from LCWR here.


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