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32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Today's Gospel is not so much about making sure we're ready when we die, but more about living today, with today in mind. There's a subtle difference. In other words, I need to live each day, focusing on this day, and not on my last day. It's about making the Kingdom of God present today. I can't think, I can make it present tomorrow, later, when it's seems to be more imminent. The fullness of time is now, within each one of us, until the fullness of time is in all of us. We know not the time or day: God is in charge!

St. Paul, in his second letter to the Corinthians tells us we do not need to wait for an acceptable time to fully give our lives to the Gospel, that is, being Christ in the world. Now is the the acceptable time.


Come to us, you who say,

“I will not forget you.”

Be with us, you who say,

“Do not be afraid.”

Take hold of us, our hearts,

our minds, our whole being.

Make us your own,

now is the time.

1. Spirit of love,

crush the pain of hatred.

Spirit of hope,

stand before our eyes.

Spirit of light,

dance within our darkness.

Make us your own,

now is the time.

2. Spirit of peace,

silence tongues of anger.

Spirit of life,

break the chains of death.

Spirit of joy,

overcome our sadness.

Make us your own,

now is the time.

3. Spirit of faith,

rise above our doubting.

Spirit of truth,

save us from our lies.

Spirit of God,

walk among your people.

Make us your own,

now is the time.

© 1998, Tom Kendzia. Published by OCP. All rights reserved.

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