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Rainy days and Mondays

This is the time of the year, in Texas, when we're teased by the weather. Relief is at hand, from the months of hot, humid days and nights; there's just a hint of cool in the morning. Rain comes and goes. Nature is groaning, trying to pass from one season to another. Transition is hard, even for the weather.

It's the season for transition. Kiddos are transitioning to a new school year, especially ambivalent during this year. Adults are still one fit in the home office, and the other someplace else. Our psyches are being messed with: are we here, or are we there? Are things improving, or are they not? Are we safe, or are we not?

Offered here is a prayer by Diana Macalintal from "The Work of Your Hands" (published by Liturgical Press)

Prayer to Accept Change


who transcend all time,

who created the stars and set them in place,

you, who are ageless yet known in every age,

grant me the grace to accept

the changes that are happening.

Empty my heart of anxiety,

and fill it instead with wonder and awe.

Release me from the chains of complacency,

and bind me to your ever-moving Spirit.

When the things I believed to be permanent and stable

are left by the wayside,

enfold me in your undying love,

that I may remember in whom all things are bound.

When fear of something new paralyzes me,

and grief cripple me with anger

over the loss of what had been,

send your angels to give me a gentle push

over that frightening edge into the unknown,

so that I may learn to trust in you.

For you alone are eternal.

You alone are enduring.

You alone are the everlasting Lord.

And in you alone will the restless world find peace.


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