Communal Psalms of Lament, day 6 | Salmos Comunales de Lamento, día 6

from Psalms for Praying: An Invitation to Wholeness (Nan C. Merrill)

Psalm 85

O Beloved, how gracious You are

to your people;

You restore their souls time and

time again.

You forgive their distractions when

they wander far from You;

You give them new life.

Yes, You bless them and raise up

new hope;

You awaken their hearts

to love.

Yes, the Eternal Giver will grant

what is good,

and the lands will yield


Mercy and compassion are Love's way;

You will guide our footsteps

upon the path of peace

as we recognize with open hearts

that You are our peace.

de La Biblia de las Américas

Oh SEÑOR, tú mostraste favor a tu tierra, cambiaste la cautividad de Jacob.

Perdonaste la iniquidad de tu pueblo, cubriste todo su pecado. (Selah)

Retiraste toda tu furia, te apartaste del ardor de tu ira.

Restáuranos, oh Dios de nuestra salvación, haz cesar tu indignación contra nosotros.

Ciertamente el SEÑOR dará lo que es bueno, y nuestra tierra dará su fruto.

La justicia irá delante de El, y sus pasos pondrá por camino.


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