Communal Psalms of Lament, day 4 | Salmos Comunales de Lamento, día 4

from Psalms for Praying: An Invitation to Wholeness (Nan C. Merrill)

Psalm 79

O Merciful Presence, the ignorant seem

unrestrained in the world;

they defile the Sacred Altar, your

dwelling place within;

they leave those weaker than themselves

in ruins.

Chaos and destruction follow them, as

they oppress the poor through

deception and greed, and

kill the faith-filled who resist.

How long will the unjust bring anguish

to the loving, to those

who seek justice and peace?

How long, O Indwelling Presence?

Will your patience last forever?

When will You awaken our long

dormant spirits?

Pour out your Love on every nation,

open the hearts of all people;

We await a new birth of Consciousness,

we call upon your Name!

For the ignorant and unloving are laying

waste to the planet!

Let the cries of the victims of injustice

come before You;

according to your great Power,

break the bonds of oppression!

Let all that has been garnered through


be returned in full measure with

open hands.

Then we your people, those who would

companion with You,

will give thanks to You forever;

from generation to generation we will

abandon ourselves into your hands

with grace-filled, open hearts.

de La Biblia de las Américas

Oh Dios, las naciones han invadido tu heredad; han profanado tu santo templo; han dejado a Jerusalén en ruinas.

Han dado los cadáveres de tus siervos por comida a las aves del cielo, la carne de tus santos a las fieras de la tierra.

Como agua han derramado su sangre alrededor de Jerusalén; y no hubo quien les diera sepultura.

Hemos sido el oprobio de nuestros vecinos, escarnio y burla de los que nos rodean.