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Begin again

I've been neglecting the daily writing for this blog, but something I read this morning is helping me to "begin again" - "As we wonder when things will return to normal, the Scriptures [today] ask us to consider what 'normal' means in God's kingdom. If it means going back to our old distracted and disordered ways, then the Gospel draws us into a far greater healing: from the wounds created by our divisions, our unresolved conflicts, our estrangement from others, and especially our distance from God" (Give Us This Day, September 1, 2021 - Fr. Daniel G Groody).

This blog was begun with the intention of offering encouragement through prayer and reflection, as we all began to navigate the unknown of COVID. Right now, I'm sure most of us are feeling a bit discouraged. When will this end? When we start making plans? It's interesting how much we depend on being able to plan for the future. Yet, we're being increasingly called to be present; present to the now, to each moment, to each encounter, whether it be with a person, or an animal, or a flower, or a sunrise, etc.

Fr. Groody concludes his commentary today with a challenge: "If we emerge from this [COVID] crisis without becoming a better people, we will have missed the opportunity for a more fundamental transformation." What does this challenge mean for you? For me, personally, it means letting go of the worry, of the disappointment, of how things are supposed to be - normal. It means committing to the present: to being present to today, and each moment, and each encounter, and doing what I can now, today. It means planning, yes, but maybe planning for tomorrow, or next week, but not next month or next season, or next year. How can I "be" today? How can I be more imaginative, in both my personal and professional life?

I don't want to miss the opportunity for transformation.

What does it mean for you? See you tomorrow.

(At the same time, let us pray for the community of South Louisiana, especially New Orleans, Grand Isle, Houma, Morgan City, etc. They have suffered huge loss and near devastation from Hurricane Ida, and are finding themselves again, to having to begin again. They have no electricity or water, and many fear going to shelters because of the possibility of contracting COVID. Our Lady of Prompt Succor, pray for us.)


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