We offer our prayers for:

  • So that we work more efficiently to end inequalities, racism, and prejudices.

  • Peace in our community and world

  • For the students of UIW to have strength to continue to overcome the challenges of online learning.

  • For those waiting for diagnoses

  • For those who ill and battling some form of illness.

  • for those who have lost loved ones

  • For the health of my mom, Katia San Martin, may she be healed from cancer

  • For anyone losing a job due to the economic stresses related to COVID.

  • For all the teachers, children, and parents for health and wisdom  as they return to in person school

  • For all students who this is there first year, that they may continue to seek God

  • For all those suffering loss of family members

  • For our nation and its divisiveness, that we may heal.

  • For the men and women of our military, especially those who are deployed and their families burden by separation

  • for victims of domestic violence

  • Por las familias de los estudiantes del CIW

  • Prayers for Elizabeth Garcia @ UIW and her family in El Paso, Tx

  • For those living with any mental illness and for those who care for and love them.

  • For all who are still looking for employment

  • For those who are ill, who feel scared, lost, and are unsure of what the future holds. For stability and peace.

  • For my son

  • For the families in need during these hardships

  • For all members of the Government and their families with positive Covid-19 diagnoses.

  • For administrators, educators, and staff doing their best to instruct during this difficult time.

  • prayers for all educators and students

  • For the election of the most compassionate political leaders

  • for the elderly people, for children, for the entire human race.

  • Por nuestras familias

These prayers come to us every week, from the Sunday "Zoom" Prayer hosted by the University of the Incarnate Word.

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