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"In the standard icons of the Transfiguration, mostly following the sixth-century representation in the apse of Saint Catherine Monastery at Sinai, there is a clear division between the top half and the lower. In the upper portion of the icon, the glorified Jesus is shown accompanied by Moses and Elijah. Beneath this, the three disciple are depicted, each in a distinctive attitude. Peter is shown gazing upwards in an embodiment of his words, "It is good for us to be here." Another disciple is shown confused and falling away, often depicted as losing a sandal in the process. The third is beginning to run away. Three responses: delight, fright, flight.

"Whenever we are touched by an outreaching of the spiritual world our response is not dissimilar to that of the disciples: we are filled with joy, or ... thrown into confusion, or ... we run away ..." (Fr. Michael Casey, in Give Us This Day. Liturgical Press.)

Question for reflection: How do I respond when I am confronted by mystery? What is my reaction, when I am clearly faced with the power of God ... in another person, or in nature, or in a life-changing moment? Am I delighted? Am I frightened? Do I run and hide?

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