Humility is the quality of being humble. Humility comes from the Latin word humilis, which literally means low. Someone who spends her life taking care of others shows humility. Although it's related to humiliation (which makes you feel low in a bad way) humility is usually used to talk about a lack of ego.

This is our own Sr. Kathleen Coughlin. Kathleen spent most of her ministerial life as an administrator in our health care system, first Incarnate Word Health, and closed her career in CHRISTUS Health, specifically at CHRISTUS Spohn in Corpus Christi, Texas. Sr. Kathleen was the last Sister administrator in the CHRISTUS system, and the last at Spohn.

While serving as CEO at CHRISTUS Spohn, Kathleen lived in a garage apartment. 

That is humility. Kathleen's schooling in humility began when she was a small child, attending Blessed Sacrament School in St. Louis, Missouri

Kathleen Coughlin, First Communion

Kathleen, grade 6 at Blessed Sacrament.

Kathleen continued to grow in holiness and humility, and eventually discerned a vocation as a Sister of Charity of the Incarnate Word (photo: 1961)

1963, sporting an IZOD polo shirt.

Kathleen continued to display the virtue of humility when she proudly posed in this habit. (She obviously showed signs of her humility in the wedding dress photo above.)

Kathleen showed promise, was brought into the healthcare fold, and eventually arrived in Corpus Christi where her virtue came into full flower.

Kathleen is presented the keys to her garage apartment

Kathleen has met many famous people in her career. Here she is pictured with news legend, Walter Cronkite. Notice the look of shock and disbelief on Mr. Cronkite's face. Sr. Kathleen has just said, "Did you know I live in a garage apartment?"

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